Startup advice, how to build a $100m business, how to build a world-class network – What I’m Reading (9/17/15)

Earlier this week, my first class essay posted from pre-term. Here’s what I’ve been reading over the past few weeks.

How to Build a $100 Million Business – Boris Wertz
The Ten Most Important Books to Expand Your Brain
 – James Altucher
Paul Graham’s Startup Advice for the Lazy – Stelios Constantinides
The Secrets of living to 200 years old – BBC
Ben Horowitz’s Best Startup Advice – Product Hunt
How to Give Advice So That People Will Listen – Ramit Sethi
Want to Design a Mobile App That Feels Like Magic? Start here. –
The Ten Most Important Books to Expand Your Brain – James Altucher
The Education of Airbnb’s Brian Chesky – Fortune
How to Build a World-Class Network in Record Time – Tim Ferriss


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