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Since starting business school, I’ve recommended to a number of classmates interested in startups and tech to start using Twitter. The fact that they are ideal Twitter users but somehow aren’t finding value in it is another blog post.

For the first person to whom I made this recommendation, she opened her Twitter app and on her behalf I followed the most interesting and prolific users that I personally followed.

Of course, that’s unsustainable. Below are the people I’ve found most interesting on Twitter.

Side note: Twitter – a good function for new users would be to follow all of the users someone else follows, rather than do this manually. New users would build their feeds with accounts that have already been curated by power users.


Marc Andreessen
Chris Sacca
Jason Calacanis
Kevin Rose
Paul Graham
Gary Vaynerchuk
– Startup L. Jackson
Walt Mossberg
Adam Bain
Peter Diamandis
– Product Hunt
Melissa Barnes
Tracy Chou
Ellen Chisa
Chris Dixon
Launch Ticker
The Verge
Travis Kalanick
Hacker News 20
Hunter Walk
Andy Ellwood
John Doerr
David Heinemeier Hansen
Megan Quinn
Y Combinator
Benedict Evans
Sam Altman
Dharmesh Shah
Ali Mese
Max Levchin
Steve Blank
Nilofer Merchant
Ryan Allis


Elon Musk
– Science Friday
Curiosity Rover
– Phil Plait
Popular Science
Chris Hadfield


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